Downtown Hastings Getting New Projects and Renovations

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Hastings received a $750,000 grant to ramp up the auditorium and downtown area. Proposals are due today for improvements to downtown Hastings. Project Managers say they're hoping the construction in building turning into both retail and housing space bring more life and traffic to the area.

"We've got about a million-dollar project going on that'll be just an incredible project for downtown Hastings," said Randy Chick, the Director of Business Improvement District.

It may just be sheet rock now, but when it's finished it'll look like this. A fully-furnished apartment with amenities you'd normally see in a house. And the balcony will overlook what Project Manager Harry Dworak calls the Uptown Experience.

"We really want to be wide open to what'd be good for the community and again, creating traffic in the evenings, in the morning to where it doesn't go dormant at five o' clock," said Harry Dworak, the Project Manager.

He's talking about potential coffee shops, ice cream parlors and maybe even wine bars. Businesses in downtown are excited about the possibilities.

Trish Ludemann, the Co-Owner of Gary Michael Clothiers said, "Being where we are in Central Downtown, we're very excited about all the new things that will possibly be coming to our area, and to be right in the middle of it, we're very fortunate."

In addition to shops and apartments, the Hastings City Auditorium will see renovations, as well.

"We hope to get a couple proposals for our auditorium, for the renovation and potential expansion of that to create a convention center type of project and potentially other projects adjacent to that on our city parking plaza," said Chick.

The apartments being built are in high demand and people are already interested in renting them out, project managers say.

A committee will review the proposals and could make a recommendation to city council as soon as next week.