Downtown Street Artist Getting Noticed

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A downtown street artist is getting a following with his spray paint works.

On most Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights, you will find lots of people near 14th and O Streets. If the weather is cooperating, you will also find a gem of talent on the corner, showing his artwork and, if you ask, showing off the process he uses to make the prints he is selling.

Jarrett "Three Feet" Valmore has been in Lincoln just over a year. He has had an interest in art for most of his life. About four years ago he was picking up some hints while watching the famous art instructor Bob Ross in a youtube video. In the side bar, Three Feet found a related video about making a painting in under a minute. After watching the video, he says he was hooked.

The process he uses now to create these treasures is spray paint and a number of trinkets to make shapes in his artwork. Three Feet says he likes working with the different layers of paint and has found several things to add certain looks to a piece of work.

Three Feet got his name back in High School while running track. His coach told him he was so fast it was like he had three feet. The name stuck.

Recently, Three Feet found a website which allows his work to be showcased. The website,, sells prints of his work. They can even add the photo to a tee shirt.

Working as day labor for a temporary service, Three Feet said he makes enough to live on with a percentage the sales through the website and if he sells the original. Originals run anywhere from $20 to $40 each.