Update: Man Arrested for DUI after Crashes Into Seven Vehicles and a Business

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A man is arrested after crashing his car into seven parked cars in the Havelock neighborhood.

Police arrested Bradly Sievers for DUI.

Around 11:30 p.m. Friday, emergency crews responded to a crash near 62nd and Havelock Ave.

Emergency crews arrived to learn there was only one person involved in the crash which damaged seven other vehicles.

Lincoln Police report Sievers driving west on Havelock Ave. when he hit a pickup parked diagonally on the north side of the street. That pickup hit an adjacent car. Both the car and pickup were pushed onto the sidewalk.

Sievers continued and struck another parked car then another before he hit a Jeep. The Jeep smashed against the car parked next to it before it jumped the sidewalk and into the front of Bob's Tavern. The impact of the Jeep broke the glass doors and a wall.

Witnesses tell 10/11 there were people sitting next to the wall when they heard the first crash. When they saw the driver continue to hit other parked cars, they quickly got out of the way, before the Jeep crashed into where they had been sitting. No one inside the bar was injured.

According to officers at the scene, the damage estimates will take some time to compile for the vehicles as well as the wall of the tavern.