Drivers Concerned About Salted Streets

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Those navigating rush hour traffic know to slow down when roads get slick. It's not just wet roads that are worrying drivers. Many are concerned about wear and tear on their cars due to rock salt, which is used to dissolve ice and snow.

Scott Opfer, the man in charge of snow removal for the city of Lincoln, keeps a snow journal. He says it's one way he prepares for whatever mother nature doles out. "We had people out last night, running what we call, quadrants. They were going around the city seeing if we need to put salt down on certain spots," said Opfer.

But not everyone thinks treating the roads with salt is a good idea. "In the past we've gotten some comments from some folks across the community they feel it's unnecessary," said Opfer.

The city will often use brine which contains a smaller concentration of salt to treat arterials when roads are icy. Opfer says rock salt is reserved for major snow events.

Terry Wolfgang of Wolfgang Auto Service says if salt sits underneath a car, parts like mufflers and brake lines can wear down more quickly.

To avoid excessive wear and tear, Wolfgang advises drivers to wash cars regularly throughout the winter months.