Drought Experts: Thank Goodness for the Snow

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Parents may not be too happy about their kids getting the day off from school, but drought experts are thrilled with this late February snowstorm in Nebraska.

"It's not very often you're hoping for a blizzard, but we really need this moisture," said Mark Svoboda, Climatologist at the National Drought Mitigation Center at UNL.

1011 News interviewed Svoboda earlier this week to get expert analysis on the current drought conditions.

For months, Nebraska has been in the throes of a stubborn and persistent drought.

Everyone knows how bad the summer of 2012 was. The past six months have also been pretty dry.

In fact, experts say we'd need several 12 inch snow storms just to make up for moisture that never fell in the last several months.

And spring is just around the corner. So keep your fingers crossed.