Drought Kills Lincoln's Trees

Crops weren't the only thing affected by the drought this year.

"The leaves seemed browner than usual, and I have seen trees that have died," Marcus Epp, who was visiting Pioneers Park Thursday. "My kids and I are are enjoying the beautfiul weather and playing on the playground."

Trees around the city are dying due to the lack of water.

"Mostly our apple tree, it didn't do very well. That was the one thing I noticed this year," said Karlene McClung, who was at Pioneers Park Thursday with her daughter.

The city is in the process of removing hundreds of trees from Pioneers Park.

"You can look at the tree after seeing them for years and you can see what is terminal on a tree," said Dave Allder, Southwest District Parks Supervisor.

They have cut down more than 400 trees since August, and say they still have 150 that need to be removed.

Although visitors may not notice right away, representitive say it is a significant number.

"It certainly will be noticable to folks coming through because you're views are going to be much farther than your used to," said Allder.