Eagle Scout's Service Project Renovates Small Town Library

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"The library means a lot to me, I like reading as much as I like scouting," said Eagle Scout Malachia Darling.

Seventeen-year-old Malachia Darling of Western Nebraska has a passion for reading and a love for books, a love that's led him into the Struckman Baatz Library on a regular basis and now it's the inspiration for an eagle scout project.

"He seemed unhappy and I said 'what's, wrong Malachai' and he said I really want to raise money to carpet the library and I said okay lets go for it," said Troop Leader Cynthia Cassel.

Malachia's idea was to replace the more than 20 year old carpet in the town of Western's only library.

"By having newer carpet in here it shows people that care about it whether they go here or not," said Darling.

Replacing the carpet would cost $4,000, a huge undertaking for a teenager, but Malachia didn't back away from the challenge of raising money for this project.

"He kept saying he could do it, it was a lot of money to raise for one kid, but the town eventually got into this and started pushing it," said Librarian Bobbe Schwisow.

After a year and a half of soup suppers and other fundraisers, Malachia raised the money and this weekend the libraries new carpet was installed, marking a huge accomplishment for this small town teen.

It shows me that I can get something done, it shows me that hard work does pay off," said Darling.