Early Morning Storm Damages Lincoln Neighborhood

LINCOLN, Neb. -- "We heard a loud bang and we looked out the curtains and here's a big tree," said Lincoln Resident Susan Martin.

What Susan and her family saw was this tall tree up rooted and slammed onto their driveway, they weren't the only ones who witnessed what Friday Morning's high winds did to big, strong rooted trees.

"My wife was looking out the window at the wind and said, oh we just lost a limb out of one of the tree's in our backyard," said Lincoln Resident James Vosicky.

In this backyard off of Hurst Drive in Southeast Lincoln, the Vosicky families entire backyard was littered with tree branches and what remained of stumps that had been ripped in half.

"I was watching the tops of them basically getting ripped out," said Vosicky.

Other people who spent the morning cleaning up debris, say it was how quickly the powerful storm blew through their neighborhood, that barely gave them time to take cover.

"For four or five seconds it just hit, the neighbors tree unfortunately exploded and things went everywhere and I though it was a tornado, things were flying everywhere," said Lincoln Resident Mark Phares.

In those mere seconds of mayhem, this hard hitting storm, which brought heavy rain, lightning and extremely high winds created havoc in neighborhoods across Lincoln.

"Got a huge mess in my backyard to clean up," said Vosicky.

"Anywhere at anytime, again it's Nebraska, so you wake up one day and half your tree's are gone," said Phares.