Early Voting Wraps Up with Long Lines

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Several prominent races are coming down to the wire. That brought thousands out to cast early ballots, making sure their votes count.

With long lines, ringing phones and patient voters, the quest to avoid the election day chaos created its own commotion.

If you ask the people behind the desk, they'll tell you it happens every election year.

"When you first come in, it's a little overwhelming when you see 20 or 30 people deep in a line," Election Commissioner David Shively said.

With the presidential race down to the wire, it upped the ante by bringing out dozens of last minute voters.

"Just as crazy as the other four," Shively said. "It gets hectic at the last minute, a number of people wanting to make sure they get their ballot in, or they can't get to their polling site tomorrow so they're coming here to vote early."

Responsibility or privilege, and penning it in or dropping it off, many made sure their vote counted before election day.