Early Filing Means No Rush for Many Tax Payers

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Tomorrow is the big day. It is tax day.

But, this year the last minute filing rush did not happen.

You could say, it was not a taxing issue. That is what those filing said, getting their taxes in extra early.

"I filed my taxes," Amanda Vanlengen said. "I believe it was January 23rd."

Gary Bixenmann wasn't too far behind.

He filed "about February 14th, 15th," he said.

It was the same Chris Davis.

"Usually around February," Davis said.

H&R Block franchisee Stacey Stocker said there was a rush, but it hit at the beginning of the year.

"Our busiest time actually is the end of January, first part of February," she said.

The incentive to get those filings mailed in is the extra cash.

"I had a lot of things to pay off, and having my first kid, that tax money came in handy," Vanlengen said.

Others filed early just to get the process over with.

"We like to file and get it over early," Bixenmann said.

Vanlengen agreed.

"It's one more thing off my back, and I got my refund back within probably a week," she said.

Stocker said it is a process that has been expedited by e-filings which allow tax payers to submit forms online.

It cuts the submission time down to almost nothing.

"For the most part, about an hour is usually as long as it will take," Stocker said.

That is good news for those who are down to the wire.

"There are a few appointments still coming in, some walk-in traffic showing up for filing," Stocker said.

Her advice for next year is don't wait.

"The earlier, the better," she said.

She also reminded those just beginning tax prep to get paperwork together first and see if there is a balance due.

Tax extensions only apply to filings, not money owed.