Easier Navigation to State Fair

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- Navigating the streets of Grand Island is going to get a lot easier during the state fair. Construction cones and road barriers are going away and state fair signs are going up.

It was part of the contract for the resurfacing work in Grand Island to have all roadways open in time for the state fair. In addition, the city has been hard at work to make sure state fair attendees won't get lost.

"Everybody's kind of finishing stuff up, getting the roads back open so we can get that influx of people we normally do. We've worked hard to put up a lot of guide signs, some new overhead guide signs, to make sure people know where they're going. Always it's a good idea to make sure you have a route before you leave your house," said Shannon Callahan, GI Street Superintendent.

Grand Island residents can also expect more cars on the road.

Callahan said, "There will be a lot higher traffic volumes than normal for the city. So, you know, be patient."

Once you get near the fair grounds, police recommend using the parking lots on site.

"Several years ago we had some issues with parking and we came up with the overflow lot so that helps out a lot. People do not have to use the general lots, but that's the preferred method. We have pretty good flow in and out of the main lots," said Captain Robert Falldorf, from the Grand Island Police Department.

Grand Island will have around 50 police officers who will be working during the state fair to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.