UPDATE: Economic Jobs Program Renewed by Grand Island Voters

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Grand Island voters have chosen to renew an economic jobs program.

On Hall County's unofficial election results page, with 27 of 28 precincts reporting, 74% (10,504 votes) were for renewal and 26% (3,740 votes) were against.

The program has been in place for nearly a decade in GI, but recently came under fire when a company didn't deliver jobs as promised.

LB 840 aims to increase the numbers of jobs in Grand Island by attracting new employers and helping existing ones. Proponents say it has - to the tune of over 1,100 new direct full time jobs.

They say Structured Solutions was the one project that didn't pan out, but 18 others did.

"You look at not only the jobs created, but the increase in tax base," says Marlan Ferguson, Grand Island Economic Development Director. "Most of the companies that we have dealt with have added buildings or some kind of a capital improvement to their project that increases the tax base, so we're always looking at that as well."

"It has definitely increased the tax base," says Steve Kunzman, treasurer for the More Good Jobs for GI Committee. "It's created many good jobs in the community, it's brought businesses to the community that then multiplies by bringing other businesses to support those businesses."

The current LB 840 program was set to expire at the end of September 2013.