Economy Delaying Weddings and Affecting Budgets

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The wedding of your dreams. Well, maybe next year.

"We had set a date for this year, but we decided that with budgeting concerns and everything that we would try and save up a little more and take the time to save up money," said bride-to-be Toni Piskorski, whose new wedding date is in April 2014.

Piskorski is among the many brides-to-be that industry experts say are delaying their weddings due to financial concerns.

"I wouldn't say we've really seen a decrease [in budgets]. I just think that the time the brides are planning has been extended," said Hollie Klimek of Nebraska Wedding Guide. "You know they want a certain vendor and maybe they're not in their price budget, but they don't want to compromise and settle for anything less. They're just making sure they have the funds to have exactly what they want for their wedding."

Budgeting was part of the reason why Piskorski and hundreds of other brides-to-be, along with their fiances and family members, attended the Heartland Bridal Expo Sunday.

"I'm trying to make the proper cuts and get good deals, which is another reason why we're here, because they've got a lot of deals," Piskorski said.

The show included more than 50 businesses offering everything from dresses and cakes to dermatology and photography services. And vendors said they're also seeing the effects of bridal budgeting for things like flowers and bridesmaid dresses.

"We've seen a little bit more of the trends of the crafty aunts and mothers and other family members that pitch in to help to do some of the flowers and stuff," said Andy Znamenacek of Roses For You.

"A lot of them are just doing, let the gals pick the style, just the same material, same color, let them do what they feel most comfortable in," added Mandee Lade of The Bridal Collection.

But every bride has her dreams and some details she just won't budge on.

"I'm trying to look for a deal with a photographer. That's the one thing I would splurge on," said Piskorski. "Anything else can go by the wayside, photographs last forever."