Elementary School Principal Kisses Pig As Reward To Students

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Friday morning the halls at Campbell Elementary School in Lincoln echoed with the excited cheers and screams of students. After lots of hard work and fundraising, students got to see their principal do something that's the stuff of story books.

Principal Julie Lawler promised her students back before their Walk-a-thon fundraiser in October that she'd kiss a pig if they raised 12,000 dollars.

"I think that was really incredible!" said first grader Abby Brown after the kiss.

Along with field trips and technology, the money went to expand a book room to help students with reading comprehension.

"We have these titles we wouldn't probably have purchased otherwise. It's kind of an extension that we use to meet student needs across various grades and levels," said first grade teacher Kelli Anderson.

"Everybody benefits and our scores are going up," said Lawler.

"It's helped teacher a lot but it's also allowed students to get super excited about reading," added Anderson

Abby said that's because it's more fun to read now.

"I read at home with my brother a lot," she said.