Elgin Teen Scores 1,000 Points Thanks to Tenex Procedure

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An Elgin teen rounds out her high school basketball career with a once in a lifetime shot, but a heel condition known as plantar fasciitis almost kept her on the bench.

For years, Stephanie Bode played through the pain, but thanks to a new procedure at Bryan East Campus, she was able to get back in the game one heel at a time.

Excruciating pain, that's how Stephanie Bode describes how her heels felt for the last two years.

"It just got to the point where every step I took it was just knife, after knife, after knife," said Bode. "I started to focus more on the pain than actually playing."

So Bode and her family went to Bryan East Campus for answers. That's when she was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both heels. With her senior basketball season quickly approaching, time to fix it was running out. That's when Dr. Michael Budler suggested a new procedure called Tenex, making Stephanie the first patient to have it done on both feet at the same time.

"Through a nick in the skin, we're able to break up damaged tissue and remove it," said Dr. Budler. "It's a minimally invasive, 20 minute outpatient procedure."

But while this state-of-the-art procedure was short, Bode knew it would be a long road to recovery.

"I walked around on both boots and had my crutches and hobbled along," said Bode.

With her future bright, Bode started to focus on the goal she had since she was a kid, to score her 1,000 point.

"Once Dr. Budler cleared me I knew I was going be one of those players that gets their 1,000 point," said Bode. Then, Bode did the once unthinkable and achieved her goal.

While she thanks doctors and nurses for their support, Bode said it's her sister, Sara, that kept her strong.

"She was my support all through high school and she was the one to boost my spirits up when they were the lowest," said Bode. "She was great."

Now, Bode is working on college applications and hopes to become a special education teacher and basketball coach in the future.