Emergency Crew Response Time Affected By Snow

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Commuters aren't the only ones being affected by Tuesday's snowfall. Emergency crews say response times are being delayed due to the sheer number of calls coming in.

Despite slick streets and dangerous road conditions, Midwest Medical Transport says the snow isn't getting in the way of making sure patients get to where they need to be safely.

Even though they don't respond to emergency calls, crews say they still have a job to do, transporting patients.

"Those types of patients can usually wait a little longer so safety is our biggest concern," said Midwest Medical Transport's Sean Delancey. "We keep it slow on the roads, and the safety of our crew and our patients is what we're looking for."

The hospitals they work with rely on that safety, as well.

"We do a lot of transports between the Bryan facilities and Saint Elizabeth's, they want their patients to arrive safely and quickly, but safety is a big concern."

Midwest says while they work around the clock to provide patient care in Lincoln, they say trips into the county must also be taken with caution.

"Two of our biggest concerns are increasing stopping distance between the vehicle in front of you and reducing speed, and that's especially important on county roads," said Delancey.

Midwest says even with the harsh weather conditions, they will not cancel patient transportation for the day.