Employees Picking Up Remains of Pilger Co-Op

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Ryan Kruger can still remember what it was like Monday when he and 15 of his co-workers took cover in both the Co-Op's Main Office Vault and Meat Coolers during Monday's Tornado.

"It was over in a matter of a couple minutes, we heard glass breaking and when we stepped out the roof was caving in and it was just a mess from there," said Co-Op Assistant Agronomy Manager Ryan Kruger.

That mess left widespread damage across town and little to salvage at the towns Co-Op Station.

"We have a couple bins that were still somewhat standing, the store was mostly gone, the shop was completely leveled," said Kruger.

While spending this week cleaning up grain and fertilizer alongside many others in Pilger, they've already been approved by their board to re-build the business in the same location.

"Hopefully we can get started as soon as possible and hopefully we see something starting in the next month or two months, whatever it takes," said Kruger.

Knowing the importance of this agriculture business to the Pilger area, Kruger feels confident this Co-Op will be back up and running, serving farmers even better than before.

"Going through something like this, it's only going to make us a strong business, with new facilities, new equipment, it's going to make it a lot better than it was before," said Kruger.