Ex-Inmates Say They're Scared They'll Get 'Called Back' To Prison

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LINCOLN, Neb. Jordan Lybarger has had what you would probably call a bad week.

He got a call Wednesday that he had to turn himself back in to prison that evening because he hadn't served his complete sentence - and he was told that he was let out by mistake.

But Lybarger, had already served time and left prison in 2013 so he was confused about how this could even happen.

"They said they miscalculated my time...I was working," said Lybarger.

But luckily, Lybarger was in prison for one night before he was told to pack up again and go home. He was given his freedom and told that it was all a mistake.

"How can you mess up on a mess up?" said Lybarger.

This is just a small part of the confusion surrounding the process that law enforcement will be conducting as they bring back inmates who were let out prematurely because of a mistake made by the Department of Correctional Services.

Lybarger's father, Kevin, said that this week has been traumatizing and he and his family have been on "pins and needles."

"We don't know if he's here to stay," said Kevin Lybarger.

And Lybarger isn't the only inmate who has been left wondering if he'll be wrenched away from his life at any second.

Pierce Williams got out of prison in July 2011 - and got the same call on Thursday. His first instinct? Go to the Capitol and ask a senator for help.

Williams did just that and ended up finding a senator who was able to make some calls and delay the process.

Williams hasn't committed a crime since he was discharged from prison and now he's confused as to why anyone would ask for him to return.

"I mean it's scary to be taken from your family you know, especially when you're the bread winner you know, and you have a stay at home mom you know, it's real troubling to us," said Williams.

Now these men say they're living in fear - that prison is just a call away.

Jordan Lybarger said even though he's already back with his family, he still wonders if he will get another call. "I was telling my family too...they were saying well 'can they call you back' and I said I don't know."