Exclusive: More Counterfeit Bills Showing up in Capital City

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More than a dozen cases of counterfeit money are keeping Lincoln Police busy. Earlier this week, we told you about five cases in one day. That only begins to describe it. Over the past month, there have been 13 cases, nine of them involved $100 bills.

Police gave us images of a woman who's responsible for three of them. Police say it's likely they're all related.

"Whenever there's a large amount of counterfeits being completed in the city in a short amount of time, it's always possible that there's a ring," said LPD Officer Shane Winterbauer. "Basically there's several people that are involved in this."

Police say some of the cases could've been prevented if employees were more cognizant of the crime.

"You've got to take further measures and hold it up to the light and see what security devices are seen on the paper," said Winterbauer.

Lincoln Police let us examine the counterfeit bills they've received. They look pretty real to the naked eye. But there are things that you can look for to see that they're not real.

"Anything higher than a $5 bill has a security strip," said Winterbauer. "The $5 bill has a picture of Abraham Lincoln in the top left corner."

But criminals are taking their counterfeiting to the next level, using $5 bills and physically altering them into much higher currency.

"They're washing out everything except for the security measures on the bills itself," said Winterbauer. "And then once those are clean, they still have the security measures on the paper and then they're printing it off as a $50 bill or a $100 bill."

Cutting off the criminal at the source may be the only way to stop this ring, a task Lincoln Police need your help doing.

If you know anything about this case, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.