Expired Medicines Pour in for Prescription Drug Take Back Day

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Dumping outdated insulin and other past the expiration date medications went into the trash. People are able to safely dispose drugs thanks to Prescription Drug Take Back Day, which gives people an outlet to dispose of these drugs that can't just be dumped anywhere.

"A lot of times they want to drop off medications that are controlled and the pharmacies won't take them so this gives them another avenue to get rid of medications, rather than holding onto them," said Sergeant Brian Agnew.

Another danger these drugs present is the chemicals inside of them possibly infecting a water source if not disposed of properly.

"So they don't get into local streams, flushed down toilets or put in landfills," said Agnew.

With locations like this set up across the country, Sergeant Agnew says the response in Lincoln has been huge.

"As of now we've had over 60 people show up and we've loaded up several boxes full of medications so everyone has been receptive of the program," said Agnew.

DEA Drug Take Back in Lincoln, Nebraska yielded the following results:

Walgreens (4000 S. 70th) 16 boxes-373.99 lbs
Shopko (6845 S. 27th) 13 boxes-317.04 lbs
Walgreens (1701 South) 12 boxes-252.04 lbs
Hy-Vee (5010 O St.) 11 boxes-221.17 lbs
Lincoln Neighborhood Pharmacy (6811 O St) 10 boxes-159.20 lbs
Walgreens (2600 S. 48th) 7 boxes-148.88 lbs
Walgreens (8300 Northern Lights) 7 boxes-147.52 lbs
Walgreens (1401 Superior) 9 boxes-141.47 lbs
Walgreens (2502 N. 48th) 5 boxes-102.79 lbs
Russ's Market (1550 S. Coddington) 5 boxes-97.05 lbs
Four Star Drug (13851 Guildford, Waverly NE) 3 boxes-52.43 lbs

Totals at 11 sites:
98 boxes
2013.58 lbs