FEMA in Beaver Crossing to Help Families Rebuild Homes Safely

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BEAVER CROSSING, Neb.-- Families in Beaver Crossing continue to rebuild their homes after a tornado ripped through the town of 400 in May. FEMA is in town to help families who are rebuilding make their homes safer.

The Schernikau's house doesn't look like it went through a disaster a few months ago thanks to lots of hard work. Even though the family is almost done with the rebuilding process, there were still a few things they could take away from their chat with FEMA.

"To be prepared...have something so if a storm happens again, we have like a kit together for us to take with us or to keep here if we don't have power and stuff," said Lynn Schernikau, a Beaver Crossing resident.

Thursday morning Lynn Schernikau stopped into the local hardware store for tips from FEMA on how to be ready the next time a disaster comes her family's way.

Kathleen Reed, a FEMA Mitigation Outreach Advisor told Lynn, "You can turn a room, a spare room into a storm shelter. You can build if you build a new house."

Lynn hopes to do just that to a spare room in her basement after she's finished with other renovations.

Families also learned how important garages can be during storms.

"Garage doors, they can be braced. So that they don't give in because once the wind gets into the home, that allows the wind to take the roof off," said Reed.

The Fisher family had to completely rebuild following the May storm. They say FEMA is here too late because they're near done with construction. But they see the glass as half full.

"We're getting a brand new house practically... so everything will be better than it was before," said Kathy Fisher.

Lynn is also excited to move her kids into their newly renovated home, but memories of the storm still haunt them.

"I think it's just going to take time to get over the scariness of what happened," said Lynn.

Lynn is hoping to move the family back into the house by next week so she can get the kids on a good schedule before school starts.