FFA Convention Teaches Life Lessons Close to Home

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FFA members from across the state are in Grand Island and Lincoln for the annual convention.

In G.I., 160 students are competing from 40 schools.

They're testing their knowledge of mechanics while competing at the state level.

They're learning electric motors, pre-checks for vehicles and pneumatics. That's air-powered machinery.

Those skills that will prepare them for the National FFA Convention, and possibly, beyond.

"It does teach a great hands on life skill and preparatory method," said Wade Hilker, Central Community College contest coordinator.

"I already use some of it," said Brittany Hill, St. Paul FFA.

Hill is one of the only girls showing off those skills at the state level and the lone female on her team from St. Paul.

"It's just showing that...guys aren't the only ones that can do this type of stuff," she said.

Hill's team didn't have to travel far. The ag mechanics and technology part of the convention is in Grand Island for the second year.

"[It's] closer to home," said teammate Landon Vogel. "It's more fun, more welcoming. We know our way around here."

"Not stressful, but it would be interesting to get to go to Lincoln," said Hill.

In Lincoln, more than 3,000 members are expected to attend the 85th annual convention.