Fake Officer Tries to Pull Over Teenager in Sidney

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A mother of a teenager says a fake cop tried to pull her daughter over.

The victim's mother says it happened in Sidney when her daughter was driving in a dark area.

Do you know what to do if you are in this situation?

Thursday, 10/11 spoke with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office to get some answers.

It's not uncommon to see law enforcement across the state pulling people over for various reasons, but you as the driver typically trust it's a real cop doing his or her job.

"We have not seen anything in North Platte regarding anyone impersonating a police officer," said Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Gaasch.

That doesn't mean it can't happen.

Recently in Sidney a teenager's mom told law enforcement her daughter pulled over because she saw red and blue lights.

When the man in his 30's approached the car he was wearing jeans and a hoodie, he took off after the victim questioned him.

"If you don't feel it's an officer dial 911," said Gaasch.

It's obvious a law enforcement officer would not be wearing casual clothes while on duty.

Lincoln County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Gaasch says patrol cars are marked too.

"If you are getting pulled over by law enforcement very seldom will it not be in an unmarked patrol car. Meaning there will be lights and markings saying what agency they work for," said Gaasch.

Gaasch says another good idea if you are suspicious of the person pulling you over, call 911 and ask the dispatcher if it's a real officer.