Families Make Memories At 11th Annual Havelock Celebration

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LINCOLN, Neb. Havelock United Methodist Church gave everyone the Fourth of July they deserve, throwing the 11th annual community celebration.

Dozens of people from the neighborhood came out to the event and it had more than enough around to keep the kids entertained. There were tons of free games like plank o, water balloon tosses and even hoops.

After years of going to this, many neighborhood families told 10/11 they more than appreciate the effort that the church puts in to hosting this Fourth of July block party.

The church even raffled off prizes for kids - like water guns and sleeping bags - and also had an area for people to find some holiday treasures while they thrift.

Nathan Flaxman makes it to the annual Havelock festivities every summer no matter what.

"Look at the weather and what God gave us and look around us...it's the year that we get to celebrate Fourth of July and Independence Day." said Flaxman.

"I think it's nice."

He looks forward to going because it's family tradition with his mother - who lives in the neighborhood.

A time that brings the two of them together each Independence Day.
Nathan has had tourettes since he was a boy and his mother says this celebration is something her 32-year old son treasures every year.

Flaxman had a blast shooting hoops, playing games and making people smile. But seeing his mother who lives right down the block?

That was probably what meant more to him than any of the prizes at the Havelock celebration. And since the holidays are a time for families to come together, the Havelock celebration continues to help bring families together every year.