Update: Family Finds Pedal Car Stolen from Son with Autism

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- A pedal car that was reported stolen has been found. The Everly family tells 10/11 News that right after the story aired on TV, they received a tip, saying it was near a dumpster.

The Grand Island family asked for the public's help over the weekend to help track down a pedal car belonging to their handicapped son.

The Everly family said they took in 17-year old Dawayne Wampole 10 years ago.

Due to autism, he has the mentality of a 9-month old.

His biological mother and father passed away 1 and 2 years ago, respectively.

The family tells 10/11 that the cart is the only activity the teenager can do outside.

The family said the 4-wheeled cart was taken sometime between Friday night and Saturday morning.

And unfortunately for Dawayne and his family, he had been having a rough time while his cart was missing.

"He doesn't do quite good with changes so this situation that has happened, it's affecting him very badly," said Dawayne's older sister, Chantilly Stanford. "The past day he's had 4 seizures and I don't think he's eating very well, drinking very well and it's just not very good on his health"

Dawayne himself was recovering from his fourth seizure of the day as he continued to say, "My car. I want my car."

The hardest part the family said was explaining to Dawayne what happened, because he didn't understand what stealing or theft is.

The family explains it was also hard on Dawayne because the $300 car was a gift from Santa Clause this past Christmas.