Family Continues To Fundraise For Diabetes Dog

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- When we talked to them in December Jodi Tvrdy had raised 1,200 dollars for her daughter Sophia to get a diabetes detecting dog. Now they have almost 4,000.

That's, in part, thanks to partnering up with an old classmate of Tvrdy's who is a sponsor at the Eagle Raceway. He helped spread Sophia's story. Back in April she was at the Raceway to raise more money. They even introduced her to the crowd and let her ride in the race car.

Now two drivers are representing "Dream Team 03," the name for the group of people who have Sophia's back. They said they hope to give Sophia and her mom peace of mind.

"When I read the story for the first time, I cried," said Shaylee Bade, one of the drivers. "I can not imagine having somebody in that position and it would be so difficult to have to monitor somebody 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and not get a break from it," she added

Driver Kyle Flodman said he's happy to help out.

"The community of racing is big and a lot of people care. Everybody works together to make things happen," he said.

Sophia said thank you to everyone who has helped.