Family Finds Metal Saw Blade Inside Tinkerbell Pillow

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A metal saw blade—It’s not what Karen Shestak expected to find inside of the Tinkerbell pillow she bought for her daughter.

“The more I thought about it, I was thankful that my daughter was the one that got it,” said Shestak.

Karen’s daughter Amber is in her twenties. She collects Tinkerbell memorabilia, but this pillow will not be in her collection.

“She was holding it on her lap, and her son was jumping around on it. She said, ‘Mom, there’s something metal inside of this pillow.’"

After taking the pillow apart, the two discovered a small saw blade. The thin blade was five to six inches long with sharp edges.

“I was thinking thank goodness my grandson didn't get hurt.”

Shestak purchased the pillow from Dollar General in Crete. She notified management and then called the manufacture of the pillow, Jay Franco and Sons, Inc. Representatives told her it was the result of a freak accident.

“I’m praying it was just an accident and someone didn’t put it in there intentionally,” said Shestak

The manufacture will be picking up the pillow soon, but Shestak isn’t sure what will happen next; however, she is interested in finding out how the blade got there.

“My concern was for them to track it down and find out how it happened. If a person would have broken a blade making the pillow, you think they would have done a search to find it.”