Family Fun on New Year's Eve

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Drinking and driving on New Year's Eve won't be an issue for some people in Lincoln. Many chose to spend the night with their families.

Downtown started showing the sights and sounds of New Year's Eve festivities later in the night. But the Lincoln Children's Museum was at its busiest a few hours before that.

It was one of the loudest places downtown. But the only thing these party animals were having too much of was fun.

"Make Believe Midnight gives families the opportunity to celebrate New Year's Eve together. A lot of times, kids are left out of New Year's, they can't make it, they fall asleep," said Executive Director, Paul Durban.

Sleep seemed out of the question as hundreds of kids showed up for the bubble wrap stomp and dance party. Two hours of fun-filled, family time, ending with a balloon and ball drop at 8:00.

"This is the time you want to spend together, not apart. This gives families the opportunity for everybody, no matter what age, to come to the museum and celebrate together," Durban said.

Most parents agreed. There was no better way to welcome 2013.

"This is the first year I get to have my girls on New Year's Eve. They're usually with their dad," said Jessica Hanna, a mother of two.

"Because they're our kids. This is the new year and it's a perfect way to start it," said Beth Pankoke, a mother of two.

Families celebrated a few hours early but that didn't seem to stop the excitement.