Family Reacts to Burwell Deaths

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Burwell, NE-- It's been days since police found Christopher and Aimee Melling dead in their Burwell home and police have ruled it a murder-suicide. However, members of the Melling family still have concerns about the truth as they mourn their loss.

Thomas Melling is still reeling from the loss of a brother and a niece.

Melling said, "It's always shocking when you hear something like this, even when it's a friend, but when it's something that is close to you like this, it really stabs you deep. I'm still in slight disbelief. It'll hit me eventually."

He is most shocked because of the kind of person Christopher was.

"He was one of the most genuine, kind-hearted men that I knew. We all loved him, anybody that knew him, knew he was an honest, stand up character and he was honorable and he loved his family more than anything. He would do anything for his family," said Melling.

The family is also in mourning of Aimee, who would would have turned 3 years old Sunday.

Melling said, "She was a beautiful little girl. She had her handicap but that didn't hold her back from growing and developing. She was just a beautiful little girl."

Thomas said his whole family is hurt by this loss.

"It was only a couple years ago when my other younger brother, he passed away. So for my mother to lose two sons in a 5 year period, it's difficult. It's one of the most trying things to deal with and try to get through," said Melling.

The family said they have a hard time mourning because they don't believe Christopher was capable of what police say happened in this house on E street.

"I don't believe that any investigation that has anything to do with a murder or death or suicide can be concluded in a matter of days. There's just far too many details that are subject to review and if they're not, then somebody's failing at their job and that really, really aggravates me," said Melling.

Thomas said he was reconnecting with his brother after being estranged for years. The last time he talked to Christopher was near Christmas when he was celebrating 4 months being smoke free.

He said, "I told him I was proud of him and I loved him and he told me he loved me and those were the last words."

The family said they appreciate all the support they have received. They ask for members of the community to come forward if they know anything about the tragedy.