Family Replaces Previously Burglarized Wind Sculpture

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It was last February when this wind sculpture was stolen from this Lincoln families lawn, but they didn't let it deter them from replacing it.

Overnight the Clifford's Wind Sculpture, valued at over $3,000 was completely stripped, thieves got away with the small value of it's copper parts leaving Chuck Clifford disappointed with the loss of a piece that had a sentimental meaning for the family.

"You would never think that a fairly quiet neighborhood in Lincoln Nebraska you would be a victim of something like this," said Chuck Clifford.

Following the burglary, Chuck called the Leopold Gallery in Kansas City where he purchased the sculpture in honor of his sons graduation.

"Chuck called me a few months ago telling me the piece had been stolen and naturally he was heartbroken," said Paul Dorrell Owner of the Leopold Gallery.

"Feeling that sense of violation when you saw it stolen," said Clifford.

Dorrell offered to replace the pieces of the wind sculpture and with the help of Steel Fabricators and Larry Martinez Plumbing in Lincoln, the sculpture came back to life. Standing proudly now with a few additional security features, Clifford refuses to let criminals stop him from displaying this piece of art.