Family Safe After Smoke Detector Alerts Them of Flameless Fire

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A Grand Island family is thankful for their smoke detector on Friday after their house caught fire.

Darlene Penner and her grandkids smelled something odd Friday morning.

"When I got up I could smell something scorchy-smelling," Penner described.

Penner and her husband investigated, but couldn't find the source of the smell.

"There was no smoke in the main floor or fire or nothing we could see," she said.

It was only when the family's smoke detector went off that they went outside and noticed the smoke coming from their attic.

"Upon arrival we had smoke coming out of the eaves. The thermal imaging indicated a lot of heat in the attic area," said Captain Edward Carlin of the Grand Island Fire Department. "When we went inside, we found that the ceiling had burned through."

The fire department says it will need to investigative further, but that it appears an electrical issue caused the fire. Officials also noted that this fire was a prime example of the importance of smoke detectors.

"It's critical that every residence has a smoke detector, especially with the insulation we have nowadays that can separate the fire from the living area until it finally burns through and you get a rush of smoke," added Carlin.

An important lesson for everyone in the neighborhood: there can be fire without flames.