Family Says Goodbye at 2-Year Old Aimee Melling's Funeral

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Burwell, NE-- Five days after police found the bodies of Christopher and Aimee Melling in their Burwell home family and friends said their final goodbye to the would-be 3-year old.

Streets were lined with cars Sunday along the Burwell Assembly of God Church where family, friends, and members of the community came to say goodbye to 2-year old Aimee Sue Melling.

Family requested not to be on camera with how hard Sunday was, however Aimee's uncle Thomas said on Saturday that she was a resilient little girl and he will always remember how beautiful she was.

"She was a beautiful little girl. She had her handicap, but that didn't hold her back, you know, from growing and developing. She was just a beautiful little girl," said Thomas Melling.

The town of Burwell was quiet Sunday with many at the funeral, some even walking from their home to wish their condolences to the family.

On Thursday, Taylor Gumb said she was hit hard by the loss because she knows the family.

Gumb said, "I was just very shocked and saddened. Just sad for the family, I kind of know a couple of the kids and I just felt really bad and wished that I could help them in some way."

That was a similar mentality for the whole community.

Garfield County Attorney Dale Crandall said on Wednesday this shocked the whole town and the loss of little Aimee made it much worse.

"I was devastated. It's always tough to have a suicide in town, but in this case we have a young child that's involved and that grabs everyone's' hearts," said Crandall.

Aimee would have celebrated her 3rd birthday Sunday.

A memorial for her and her father is planned for Wednesday in Gibbon.