Family Speaks Out About Harmful Effects of K-2

For more information on Tucker's K-2 and Synthetic Drug Awareness in Nebraska Click Here.

Ashland, NE-- Jake England is 22-years-old and has been taking drugs for two years. He has done meth and most recently, K-2.

“I got with my friends and smoke K-2 with me and I did it with him...I was in treatment for 6 months, now I feel lousy... I put my family down again. I don’t know how to prove to them that I’m going to stop,” said England.

K-2 is a synthetic form of marijuana that is sold legally as potpourri.

His mother, Lee Brandt says that she is desperate to find help and does not believe that her son will ever stop using drugs. Brandt says that Jake has been homeless and that he has brain damage because of using drugs.

Lee has placed Jake at a group home, where he is monitored on occasion. However, with some freedom he has been able to sneak K-
2 into the group home and smoke it.

“With that freedom, he’s more than willing to do it. No matter what the consequences are. He’s going to be on the streets. We’ve had enough and we told him he’s not living at home, and he still does it no matter what, no matter who he hurts, no matter where he’ll sleep,” said Brandt.

His 9-year old sister, Kailee Brandt knows all about the drugs that Jake takes. She cries as she talks to her mother, and hoping her message will come across to her brother.

“I just wish he would see that he’s hurting us. I want him to know that if he stops, he’ll have a family that would help him….I just want him to feel better about himself. I just want him to be happy; I just want us to be happy. I wish that we all can have a happy life,” said Kailee.

After seeing what the drug has done to her brother, she makes a vow to her mom.

“I promised my mom that I would never do it because now that I’ve seen what it’s done to my brother---I’m not going to do it….I’m not going to do it.”

Lee says that she’s desperate for answers, and heard about Steve Tucker through an article she read a few months ago. Tucker’s son died after overdosing on K-2 in October of 2013. It was his first time trying the drug, and the effect was fatal. Since his son’s death, Tucker is raising awareness through a first-annual K-2 seminar. He hopes to bring more information to families who are hurt by the drug’s effects and also, bring Congress’s attention.

“This is my last ditch effort, to meet Steve. I told [Jake] last weekend, if we went through this one more time, we were going to be done. I don’t want to be done. When I get that call saying that he’s dead. I don’t want to be that parent who regrets not being there until the end...But he’s killing me,” said Lee.

Jake says that Tucker approached him and told him to not take advantage of life.

“I got to quit. I’m not going to hang out with my friend- avoid him. Also try to attend A.A meetings again,” said England.

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