Family Temporarily Evacuates Home As Grass Fire Closes In

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When Dan Petersen spotted smoke and flames near his property Sunday Morning, he dashed to his shed in an effort to save some of his machinery.

"The smoke got so bad inside the shed that I finally had to exit that I noticed that the fire was moving faster towards the house so I told my wife and daughter to get out of the house and get to safety," said Homeowner Dan Petersen.

From inside the shed he called his family, seeing the flames getting dangerously close.

"They had walls of fire coming towards them, we probably had a four or five foot flame front," said Unadilla Fire Chief Steven Vodicka.

Escaping the fire was no easy task, as thick smoke from the fire made it hard to get out of the driveway.

"You could see absolutely nothing," said Vodicka.

"It was scary because we couldn't even see the lane because when I was driving back we got off of the lane and ran over a cedar tree, there was zero visibility," said Petersen.

The Petersen's were able to make it to safety and shortly after firefighters from crews in towns like Unadilla and Syracuse arrived at the home, controlling the flames and saving the home and shed.

"The response was amazing and I'm glad so many trucks did respond because with this wind the fire really moves fast," said Petersen.