Family and Friends Remember Jarvis Long

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Lincoln, NE-- Jarvis Long’s family wants to focus on the positive of his life. They say, his run-ins with the law is not what he should be remembered for.

“No body’s perfect in this world,” said Long’s aunt, Belva Phillips.

“You get back up. He did something bad in the past and did something wrong and we forgive him for that, you know,” said another aunt, Dinah Phillips.

Long’s family says he was known to respect his elders and would not judge anyone.

At 6 p.m. Friday dozens of family and friends showed up at Peter pan Park, the place Long was killed just a day ago. It was a vigil to honor Long, with songs and candles.

“There’s so many words to describe, it’s just crazy. He’s gone, he’s not here no more.”

His cousin, Ian Phillips says he was the last person that Long spoke to.

“He told me things are going to be changing, I’m going to be alright, and I’ll see you tomorrow,” said Ian Phillips.

Ian says their relationship was strong. “He would rather hurt for you to be better, he would want you to smile and be happy, and be somebody huge.”

His sister Josie Long said she is very emotional, confused, and shocked at what happened to her brother. The feelings are the same for the entire family.

“Whatever happened to him was tragic to our family, and we just need to put him to rest….so he can rest in peace,” said aunt Belva Phillips.