Family Urges Others To Report Domestic Abuse

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"Good person, frenidly with other people, nice loving person."

That's how Lincoln's Janice Le describes her grand daughter.
Jennifer Cardona was born in Lincoln. On may 11th, 2012, she was killed by her husband in Orlando.

"They were happy, I didn't know he was going to murder my daughter," said Le.

Her family wants to tell Jennifer's story in hopes of saving just one life.

Janice Le- "If you are in a relationship where you are getting beat, just leave, get out of that mess."

"If we can help anyone in the memory of Jennifer, one family, two families, anybody that is in any kind of abusive relationship to get help," said Joyce Eurich, Jennifer's grandmother.

Her grandfather, Dennis Eurich, furthered the call to the public. "Make a background check. See if there is any kind of criminal record prior convictions, anything."

Dennis' granddaughter did not do a background check on her husband to be. If she had, she would have found that Guillermo Cardona is a registered sex offender convicted in 1998 of having sex with three teenagers. He spent time in prison in the early '90's for aggravated assault, criminal mischief and burglary.

He is now charged with second degree murder and domestic battery after allegedly beating his wife to death, a crime he admitted to when he called authorities while she lay lifeless at their home.

Jennifer's funeral is scheduled for Wednesday morning at Lincoln's Wyuka Cemetary. Janice is trying to get custody of Jennifer's seven month old daughter. She is with Cardona's sister in Florida.