Farmer Loses Crops for a Second Time in Three Weeks

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- It hasn't been an easy three weeks for Beaver Crossing farmer Todd Ricenbaw.

"We were just kind of recovering from the tornado right now," said Ricenbaw." "We were looking pretty good, at least had a bright spot, but now most of our crops have pretty much been wiped out."

Ricenbaw is one of many Nebraska Farmers who has significant farm damage following Tuesday's hail and wind storm, but this is the second blow to his farm since May 11.

Farm equipment, structures, a pair of semi-trucks, and his crops suffered major damage on Mother's Day. While he was able to replant many of his damaged fields, the latest storm likely won't allow for that because it's too late in the season.

Ricenbaw says it will set him back at least a year, but he'll get some use out of the fields.

"We'll plant a forage crop out here for the cattle," said Ricenbaw. "And just keep a cover crop on so the ground doesn't blow for the summer."

Even after losing so much, Ricenbaw is hopeful. He says the most important thing is the safety of his family.

"The things we lost were just things you can replace," said Ricenbaw. "Everybody's fine and we just thank God for insurance and that everybody's okay."