Farmer Concerned about Climatologist Report

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Nebraska Climatologists are warning farmers to prepare for persistent drought conditions this summer that could devastate their crops.

Jerry Haertel owns Prairie Crest Farms near Prairie Home, he says in his more than fifty years of farming, a warm dry spring and the Climatologists' prediction of more of the same means he likely won't be able to produce as many crops this year.

Haertel says the costs farmers incur by the loss are eventually passed on to consumers as a matter of supply and demand.

Unlike other farmers, Haertel does not have an irrigation system and is depending on mother nature to bring his hay, corn and soy crops some much needed moisture.

Haertel said " It was a mild winter, it was pretty dry this spring which enabled us to get our crops in but a day like today with 90-plus temperatures and 30 mile an hour winds, a crop could hardly take in as much moisture as it's losing."

Haertel says the last time he's seen conditions this dry going into the summer months was back in 1988.