Father, Daughter Cited for Gambling at State Tournament

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Lincoln police ticketed a father and daughter for taking bets at the Pinnacle Bank Arena during the Boys State basketball Tournament.

"To me, the activities I saw around me, people were just kind of having a good time and just kind of enjoying basketball and any of the activities I was involved in was certainly in the spirit of which I intended." said Buschkoetter.

Officer Katie Flood said several people complained to off duty officers that there was gambling going on in the stands during the games. Officers also witnessed 49 year old Randy Buschkoetter and his daughter, 21 year old Danielle Buschkoetter taking bets and marking down notes in a notebook.

"I would never place a bet about winners or losers or point spreads or anything like that. I'm just a, as much as anything, a basketball fan and feel very honored that I have the opportunity to call games from time to time and I really respect the game. I really don't feel like the alleged activities were a disrespect." said Buschkoetter.

Police say Randy Buschkoetter openly and obviously was transferring money to several people throughout several games. He would then make notes.

Buschkoetter wished officers had given him a warning before issuing the ticket. "I certainly wish that had been the case but I also understand that the police have a job to do and unfortunately they were put in a situation, by me, I don't envy them. So i don't have any ill feeling about that because I have to take responsibility for what I did and I created the situation and for that I'm deeply apologetic." said Buschkoetter.

His daughter was also taking notes when money was exchanged. When the officers did confront the pair they took the notebook and found what appeared to be pay slips for bets on the games from that day.

"I'm hoping that cooler heads will prevail and that the city attorneys office will take a look at it and say that the level of involvement that's alleged against Danielle is very,very small and that they would understand that with her spotless previous record, that she's gone through enough." Buschkoetter said.

Both were cited for misdemeanor gambling under a Lincoln city ordinance. Randy Buschkoetter is a city councilman from Kearney.