Fed Ex: Beware of Bogus Email

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The company, FedEx, is warning people to be aware of spam e-mails that contain a very real-looking FedEx logo.

The spammers e-mail people, saying they have packages to pick up, but it's all a fraud.

In one bogus e-mail 10/11 got, the e-mail says, in part, "Your parcel has arrived at the post office at (sic) December 7. Our postrider was unable to deliver the parcel to you. To receive a parcel, please, go to the nearest our (sic) office and show this postal receipt."

For more information on the scam, go to fedex.com.

Also, please watch our story above to see how you can protect yourself from spam e-mail, which can contain viruses that harm your computer.

Often, fraudulent e-mails will try to gain your personal and financial information.

Bottom line: protect yourself.