Federal Building Will Not Solve Courthouse Issues

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- The Hall County Board Of Supervisors was looking to the federal building for a temporary courthouse solution, but it's not the answer they are looking for.

The Hall County Board of Supervisors had discussions Tuesday morning about potentially solving the space issue in the historic Hall County Courthouse. After the board could not agree between plans B1 and B3, the federal building looked like it could provide some solutions, but that's not the case.

"It absolutely does not solve the space issue for the courts, for several reasons," said Pam Lancaster, the District 4 Supervisor.

The federal building is currently designed for office space, not courtrooms. So major construction would be needed. But Hall County isn't allowed to take down certain hallways or walls on the different floors.
But supervisors say the space could be used for something else.

Gary Quant, the District 6 Supervisor said, "The federal building could possibly help us here in the near future with probation and some of their needs and some other needs that we need. It'll give us office space that we need."

"If there's a juvenile court or something that is less associated with county or district court, then it would be a possibility of putting that particular court, a smaller situation, in that building," said Lancaster.

For now, the board is staying focused on getting heating and cooling into the current courthouse.

Quant said in about two weeks, there will be a discussion on a new courthouse plan on the board's agenda.