Filing Deadline Passes and Hall County Supervisor Election Will Look Very Different

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Hall County is used to Supervisor elections with no opposition but that trend has come to an end.

The deadline to file for Hall County Board of Supervisors passed at 5 p.m. Monday and there will be elections for all four seats that were up this year.

Hall County is now getting ready for a county board election different than it's seen before.

"With the legislature passing LB 56 that makes it a little bit different this year than other years with partisan ballots being on without any opposition," said Dale Baker, the Hall County Election Commissioner.

That means elections between people of the same party will happen in may during the Primaries and elections between different parties will be put off to November for the General election. One seat however with have elections for both due to a recent filing by someone hoping to bring change to the board.

"There's always issues. I think we're moving in the right direction. Of course economic issues, the state fair, keep improving on that, we have Stuhr museum, Crane Meadows, we have lots of things to just keep improving on to keep people coming to Grand Island, keep growing and becoming a better community," said Jane Richardson, who filed on Friday for Bob McFarland's District 5 seat.

With several people going against the incumbents this becomes a much different election than recent ones.

Baker said, "Actually I would say this is uncommon. I've been the Election Commissioner since 2001 and generally there's maybe 1 that comes up with opposition but not this many."

It's not clear why more people are running this year than in the past, but a recent hot topic may have something to do with it.

"I think everybody's getting a little more interested because of the big courthouse issue so maybe they feel like maybe it's not being handled as it should be," said Robinson.

And while the election will be different, in the end it all works out for the voters.

Robinson said, "The more people you have wanting to get involved in government whether it be city, whether it be county, I think that's just a great benefit for everybody involved. There's more choices of what kind of person you want to represent you, it shows how dedicated people are to the community."

Election season is certainly heating up as there will be three elections during the Primary Election on May 13 and another two elections during the General Election on November 4.

David Ziola with be defending his District 1 seat against fellow Republican Doug Lanfear in the Primary Election. Also in the Primary, Robert M. Humiston Jr., who just filed Monday, will go up against Stephen Schuppan. In the interesting District 5 seat, incumbent Bob McFarland will take on Richardson in the primary election, and the winner of that will take on Patrick C. O'Neill in the General Election. And in District 7, there will be no primary election. Scott Arnold will defend his seat against Dianne M. Schneider in the General Election.

For a list of all candidates for County and City elections, click the link below to the 2014 Candidate Filings Page at Hall County's website.