Final Day Of 2014 Nebraska Legislature Session

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The Nebraska Legislature finished up for the year at 5:36 p.m. Thursday. Typically the last day only takes a few hours. They did make it through the entire agenda, but it wasn't easy.

Legislators took some time to say goodbye to their colleagues who have hit their term limits of eight years.

But, as soon as the first final bill reading began, Senator Ernie Chambers fulfilled the promise he's made since Governor Dave Heineman vetoed his mountain lion bill - that he would continue to return to the subject.

"I have some things that I'm going to say today," said Chambers. "And every bill is going to contribute some time to me. As the session was going on, I mentioned that I would get my pound of flesh. I took my bumps this session and I had said that ultimately the session would be delivered into my hands," he said.

The senators sent 13 bills to the Governor for signing. They included a bill that would provide insurance coverage for children with autism, one to change provisions on a number of acts, a bill that would make military honor plates in Nebraska, a bill to allow guns for historical re-enactions, hunting education and honor guard in school, the bill updating what kinds of K2 are banned, one regarding nurse practitioners and a bill regarding school safety and health, among others.

Governor Heineman has five days, excluding Sunday to make a decision on the bills. Even if he does veto something, there's no possibility for override now that the session is over.