Lincoln Fire Chief Inspectors Check Firework Stands

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Through years of selling fireworks, Betsy Egan knows what some of her most popular sellers are.

"Kids love the novelty items, fountains are nice and safe because you fire them off in the driveway. Pretty much everything because people love fireworks," said Betty Egan.

Egan also knows the exact types of fireworks that can be sold under her tent, something that is checked at her business and the other 79 firework stands by Lincoln Fire Inspectors each year.

"The D.O.T. Label, basically what we look for is the 1.4 labeling on the packaging," said Lincoln Fire Chief Inspector Bill Moody.

However some previously approved fireworks like wire sparklers aren't allowed to be on the shelves this year and inspectors like Moody are on the lookout for them.

"We're seeing way too many burn injuries to children because the wire stays hot for so long," said Moody.

Even after the sales from Thursday and Friday are complete, Moody warns of how dangerous these explosives can be placed in the wrong hands.