Fire Started by Firemen Becomes Out of Control Grass Fire

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A controlled burn of C.R.P. land gets out of control near Clatonia.

On Thursday, Clatonia Fire Department crews started a controlled burn on Conservation Reserve Program (C.R.P) Land near SW 56th and Hwy 41.

C.R.P land is often burned to help the native foliage and improve habitat conditions for animals.

Firefighters at the scene said Thursday's fire got out of the containment area, jumped a fence line and burned a couple of acres more than intended.

"It just got away from us in a couple of minutes," said a firefighter on scene.

Just after 9 p.m. they called for some brush trucks from Hallam and Courtland to assist in getting the grass fire out.

Landowners often contract with local fire departments to prepare and then burn the land and fire departments rely on the money to support their departments.

The time period for burning C.R.P. land expires at the end of the month. Unless there is a large amount of rainfall between now and the end of the month, Clatonia firemen will not be involved in starting the C.R.P. fires.