Fire Threatens Raymond Man's Home

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Nathan Walker could see trouble spreading onto the property of his home in rural Raymond.

"We were standing on our deck and we saw it coming over from Branched Oak Lake over the hill, it was moving very fast. A lot of flames at least 30 feet high," said Nathan Walker.

Worry set in as the flames crept up to 20 feet from his foundation, that's when Raymond and Valparaiso Fire Crews arrived and cleared people from the dangerous fire.

"They were here for about five minutes before they told us to evacuate the entire area and go down to the end of the road and wait for the all clear," said Walker.

Fire crews were able to stop the flames before it made it to Walker's home or his nearby neighbors. He's grateful for the quick response and action taken by these firefighters.

"If it wasn't for them our homes wouldn't be here," said Walker.

The experience of having a fire threaten his home is something Walker will never forget.

"We've had some control burns out here but nothing like this, I've never seen anything like this in my life." said Walker.