Fire at Grand Island Lazy V Apartments Displaces Dozens

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A late night fire strikes a Grand Island apartment complex, forcing residents out into the cold and snow. Seventeen units were made unliveable by fire, smoke, or water. No one was injured.

It happened at the Lazy V apartment complex on the 2700 block of East Highway 30 sometime around 2 a.m.

The apparent electrical fire started in the attic and spread. Seventeen units were made unliveable by fire, smoke, or water.

Snow complicated matters, delaying fire crews and leaving pajama clad residents shivering in the cold.

Donations are being accepted by the Red Cross or at the Lazy V Apartments office.

Tara Reynolds thought she was in for a relaxing snooze when suddenly she heard "Pounding at my door, telling me to 'Get up!, Get up!' And the apartments are on fire, so here I am, I get up and I throw on my PJ's..."

Pajamas, slippers, and a robe were all that many residents of the apartment complex had time to put on before their units were destroyed or made unlivable by fire, smoke, or by the water used to extinguish the blaze.

Sponsored by the Red Cross, residents of seventeen units have now checked in to nearby hotels.

In the confusion and cold of heavy snowfall, apartment complex manager Larry Gray says it was first things first: "Our main concern was not to fight the fire, or try to extinguish it, because it was beyond our control at that point, was just to get the residents safe and dry and someplace warm."

For resident Alicia Armentrout there just wasn't time to gather her things from her apartment: "I was trying to get what I could out of it, ...right then and there I was trying to myself out of there."

And right now, apartment complex resident Tara Reynolds says that there are a lot of things they need: "Pots and pans, clothes, bedding...Anything that can be donated they would greatly appreciate."