Firearms Sales Still Going Strong at Gun Shows and Stores

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With more than 400 vendors, the 46th annual Nebraska Muzzleloading Rifle Club Gun Show drew thousands of customers old and new this weekend.

"We've done a lot of new gun sales of people that have never had a gun before," said Gary Loseke of Exotic Gun Shop.

Sellers said the rush is part of a national trend that began after the Newtown, Connecticut shootings nearly half a year ago. More people buying, and buying more, in fear of gun control measures.

"Anytime we have 9-millimeter ammunition or 22 long-rifle ammunition, it's insane. One person will walk in and see it and call their friends and say, hey you got to come buy some while they have it. So it sells out very fast," said Dan Piganell of Exeter Arms.

Organizers said the show is bigger than ever, while dealers noted that sales are still at record levels.

"It's calmed down some from a month ago, but it's still pretty busy," said Loseke.

This despite the fact that the Senate shot down the latest gun control legislation last month.

"A lot of people are still worried because they can still change their mind, an executive order, something like that, so there's still a lot of nervous people," Loseke said.

But unless there's drastic gun control measures passed, dealers said they predict sales will drop soon.

"Most people that were worried, I think, have gone out and purchased a lot of stuff, and they're maybe already stocked up," said Piganell.

"You know there's only so many people. You can only have so many guns," said Loseke. "Some time it's going to have to slow down somewhere, but ya, it's going to drop back down to where it was probably a year or two ago."