Firefighters Save Farm Buildings from Rekindled Grass Fire

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Cass County firefighters converged on an Avoca farm Monday afternoon in time to extinguish a grass fire that had spread to a machine shed and threatened a barn, camper and residence.

Avoca Assistant Fire Chief Austin Jones said fire had engulfed the shed and was pushed by the north wind to about 30 yards from a camper and garage next to the home of Roger and June Grafe at 36204 A St., west of Avoca.

Roger Grafe said there had been a controlled burn in a corn stubble field on Sunday, but there was no sign of danger when his wife left for Lincoln around 1:30 p.m.

When he got home at 4 p.m., flames were around the door to the shed containing his tractor.

"I had a tractor in the machine shed. The door was burning pretty good when I got home. I ran down and got my tractor out. Other than that, there wasn't any machinery that got hurt," said Grafe:

Jones credited mutual aid from Weeping Water, Manley and Elmwood for getting water on every border of the fire to save the property.

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