Fireworks Sales Kick Off

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DAVEY, Neb.-- It's the first day of fireworks sales and many families are already geared up to snag the deals they want.

Nate Pribil, his mother and his grandfather try to go to the fireworks stands every year on the first day of sale, just to get a great deal.

"I just love fireworks," said Nate Pribil.

Jennifer Pribil, his mother said, "My dad and I would get fireworks when I was very young and now with my two boys they both enjoy doing it just as much."

Nate Pribil, his mom, and his grandfather were at Davey Fireworks an hour after it opened.

Jennifer Pribil said, "The day that school gets out - one of the very first things kids say is 'alright we can start planning for Fourth of July - it's a huge event for us.' "

Huge is right.

This family spent a little over two hundred dollars- and they said that they were just getting started. They spent hours today filling their cart with goodies preparing for a neighborhood event where they shoot fireworks off for hours.

And when you're picking out fireworks - the owner at Davey Fireworks in Davey, Nebraska says the wow factor is what it's all about.

Curtis Schnase said, "You don't have to pay thousands of dollars to get that ballpark experience anymore."

With new fireworks on the shelf every year - it's no wonder families like the Pribble's say they get so excited about an awesome tradition.

Little Nate Pribil even says that he hopes he can make it a tradition some day when he starts his own family: picking out fireworks the very first day he can.